The European Commission grants a project to Bionanoplus to develop a veterinary vaccine as part of the “SME Instrument” program One of Bionanoplus’ technologies key for pest control and real time insect detection in agriculture

The Navarrese company Bionanoplus comes to the market hand in hand with the pharmaceutical group IFC.

The product, the result of close collaboration, is based on the innovative patented technology of Bionanoplus in order to provide a renewed treatment for moderate androgenic alopecia.

Noain, 2 February 2017. The Navarrese company Bionanoplus, specialized in the field of controlled release systems, positions a product in the pharmaceutical market with IFC Laboratories.

This product is the result of long research and the application of state-of-the-art technologies that bring added value to new and existing assets, always with the objective of improving the quality of people’s life.

The innovative technology patented by Bionanoplus allows the removal of an excipient with known irritating effects. The reformulation of the product improves the cosmetic properties of the treatments used so far to reduce and prevent hair loss.

The Spanish group IFC, with a trajectory of more than 25 years and an international presence, is a leader in the pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic sector with a constant innovative and enterprising spirit that characterizes the excellence of its products.

Bionanoplus is a company founded in 2010 by the entrepreneur Hesham Salman, and participated by Start-Up Capital Navarra and Inveready, whose objective is to provide solutions to the demanding pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary sectors based on their patented technologies.

This creates new oportunities for Bionanoplus, since this event has allowed them to introduce innovative technologies into the market.

Bionanoplus es una empresa fundada en 2010 por el emprendedor Hesham Salman, y participada por Start-Up Capital Navarra e Inveready, cuyo objetivo es aportar soluciones a los exigentes sectores farmacéutico, cosmético y veterinario basadas en sus tecnologías patentadas.

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