The Navarrese company Bionanoplus comes to the market hand in hand with the pharmaceutical group IFC. Emilia Chuina Tomazeli and Bionanoplus published the Transcriptome Metabolic Characterization of Tuber Borchii SP1

One of Bionanoplus’ technologies key for pest control and real time insect detection in agriculture

The initiative, in collaboration with the SME AgroPest Alert has obtained the maximum rating in the Government of Navarre call for Research and Development projects for 2017.

Bionanoplus will apply its controlled release polymeric systems to the encapsulation of pheromones by means of one of its innovative, bioadhesive, low cost and easy to scale-up technologies in the absence of any toxic compounds for human, animal and/or vegetal health.

AgroPest Alert will design intelligent electronic devices to detect insects on real time as well as a computerized system for their classification in the cloud.

The synergy between both companies will make possible the creation of a unique, innovative and specific solution for the early stages of agriculture pest control and what is more, at a competitive price.

This project is part of the Regional Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization, and more specifically within the alimentary supply chain strategic priority of the Government of Navarre.


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