New polymeric bioadhesive nanoemulsion for topical skin delivery.

Technology: NANO-GES
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Category: Cosmetic or Medical Device


  1. PSORIO-plus spray and gel: with keratoregulatin effect and anti-inflamatory and anti-oxidant actives that help improving hyperkeratinized skin conditions (psoriatic skins, seborrheic dermatitis, ichtyosis)
    • Innovative dermoadhesive liquid spray and gel that acts as “fluid patch”
    • Long lasting effect
    • Suitable for hair and scalp topical delivery without greasy effect
    • Immediate skin softening
    • Containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential for youthful skin
  2. RSS-plus spray: with selected natural actives for stimulating the scalp skin life process and enhancing the hair structure.
    • Unique combination of natural actives.
    • Natural 5-α-reductase natural inhibitors.
    • Simple manufacturing: avoids the use of special equipment and techniques.
    • Low cost of goods ensures excellent profit margin.
    • Intellectual property rights until 2032.

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