Bionanoplus-Proprietary Technologies
Drug Delivery Platforms


A revolution in mucoadhesion

New hydrofilic  mucoadhesive vehicle for mantaining topically applied products on mucosal surfaces

Intellectual property rights: WO 2017/162822

Advantages and characteristicsBionanoplus_Mucolast
  • Non-oily, anhydrous and hydrophilic
  • Stronger mucoadhesive properties (up to 30 times) and longer mucosal residence time compared with market gold standards (i.e. Orabase®)
  • Increased drug bioavailability
  • Excellent organoleptic properties
  • All excipients are cheap, GRAS listed and approved for both pharmaceutical and food use
  • Suitable for hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs
  • Mucosal drug delivery
  • Oral & esophageal drug delivery
  • Sublingual vaccine adjuvants
  • Medical device and/or pharmaceutical product